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The MedEncentive Approach

Groundbreaking simplicity

“At the end of the day, no healthcare cost containment solution can be sustained until there are incentives to do three things. The first is to attract a high level of provider and consumer participation in patient education and empowerment. The second is to recognize and harness the power of the doctor-patient relationship to motivate adherence to ‘best practices’ and healthy behaviors. And the third is to align the interests of the provider, the consumer and the payer. All previous attempts to reform healthcare failed because the incentives missed achieving these three fundamental objectives. This is what we have been able to accomplish at MedEncentive and is what will drive our future success.”

Jeff Greene

This quote helps describe our unique approach to the goal of healthcare affordability. Once people understand how MedEncentive works we often get, “This seems so simple and logical, why didn’t someone think of it before now?” The best ideas are always logical. Often they are amazingly simple. We believe this is the case with MedEncentive.

To learn more about the MedEncentive approach, we invite you to read the “Product Overview”, “Genesis”, “Logic”, and “Program Objectives” sections. To learn more about the growing family of MedEncentive programs, please visit our “Product Tour” section.

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