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Finally, a proven solution to control healthcare costs your customers will love.

MedEncentive recognizes the important role healthcare brokerages and consulting firms play in helping employers design their health benefit plans to provide healthcare coverage to plan members. High on the customer’s priority list is healthcare cost containment. MedEncentive offers brokers and consultants firms a groundbreaking solution to substandard care and the high cost of healthcare.

MedEncentive relies on a network of authorized brokers and consultants to market, sell and service our programs across the United States to self-insured employers, regional health plans and provider networks. The standard MedEncentive brokerage and consulting firm agreement creates the classic win-win proposition.

Brokers and consultants firms who appreciate the significance of MedEncentive’s products and have relationships with large, self-funded employers, third party administrators (TPAs), health plans, provider networks and independent physician organizations (IPAs) should consider becoming an authorized MedEncentive broker or consultant. Brokers and consultants who sell and service MedEncentive user agreements can earn attractive commissions and fees. MedEncentive has developed a marketing, sales and service toolkit to facilitate prospecting, sales and service efforts.

Finally, we know MedEncentive can be an important market differentiator that customers will seek. brokers and consultants that adopt MedEncentive have a clear-cut advantage over the competition.

Interested brokerages and consulting firms should submit an agency description with biographies of the agency’s healthcare specialists and principals and a brief description of your current business to Jim Dempster at We will contact you directly to discuss our Broker and Consultant Agreement and selling opportunities.

To learn more about MedEncentive, we invite you to visit our Approach, FAQs and Testimonials sections. To schedule a webcast presentation on how MedEncentive can help your company, please visit our Contact Us section.

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