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Finally, a proven solution to control costs that your employees and their doctors will love.

“We save money and our employees love it.”

Clyde Shaw
City Manager
Duncan, Oklahoma

As this quote says so well, balancing quality employee benefits and cost containment is now possible with MedEncentive. Employees and their dependents appreciate how MedEncentive educates them on proven treatments so they can make informed decisions. Doctors like informed and motivated patients. Employers like the fact that MedEncentive is an effective cost containment tool that is simple to implement and maintain.

MedEncentive is a truly revolutionary concept that offers employers a means to control healthcare costs by financially rewarding employees and their doctors for accessing MedEncentive’s website to demonstrate and declare adherence to “best medical practices” and healthy behaviors. Our program then asks both the employee and their doctor to confirm each other’s demonstration or declaration, thus creating a level of “mutual accountability.” The result is better healthcare plus an empowered, knowledgeable and motivated patient. For employers, that translates into cost savings and a significant return on investment. Don’t take our word for it, ask our customers.

To learn more about MedEncentive, we invite you to visit our Approach, Overview, FAQs and Testimonials sections. To schedule a webcast presentation on how MedEncentive can help your organization, please visit our Contact section.

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