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Finally, a proven solution to control claims cost your customers will love.

During our multi-year trials, we have proven time and again that beneficiaries, who are financially rewarded for demonstrating to their doctors their medical literacy and compliance to health and wellness, consume less healthcare. All of MedEncentive’s original pilot installations were conducted with self-insured employers. MedEncentive is now ready for the fully-insured market.

Health insurers are continually experimenting with and implementing cost control programs because their customers want solutions to the high cost of healthcare. Insurers are constantly challenged in these efforts by the counter-interests of medical providers and beneficiaries. This challenge is only going to get worse as the supply of primary care providers relative to demand continues to decline.

MedEncentive is designed to resolve this impasse by allowing insurers to financially reward both doctors and patients for engaging one another in “best practices” and healthy behaviors. We have demonstrated time and again that our logical and straight-forward programs do, in fact, control healthcare costs. Not only that, but MedEncentive is inexpensive, very easy to implement and maintain, can be integrated with insurers’ current wellness, care management and pay-for-performance programs - and beneficiaries will love it.

Finally, we know MedEncentive can be an important market differentiator that customers will seek. Insurers that adopt MedEncentive have a clear-cut advantage over the competition.

To learn more about MedEncentive, we invite you to visit our Approach, FAQs and Testimonials sections. To schedule a webcast presentation on how MedEncentive can help your organization, please visit our Contact section.

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