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What makes MedEncentive so unique?

Product Overview

There are a number of widely accepted wellness, prevention and care management programs. The overarching value objective of these programs is healthcare cost containment. These programs have struggled to realize this objective because they suffer from two common limitations:

  1. the lack of doctor and patient participation; and
  2. the lack of compliance by doctors and patients to the beneficial attributes of these programs

MedEncentive solves these limitations by integrating with a variety of wellness and care management programs to recruit doctors and patients’ participation and instill a heightened desire to comply with recommended treatments and healthy behaviors. Each of MedEncentive’s growing family of products consist of trademark elements that engage doctors to practice better care and encourage patients to be healthier, all of which leads to healthcare cost containment. MedEncentive’s product elements include:

  1. Web-based Services - All of MedEncentive’s products are delivered through the Internet. The only technology a user needs is access to the Web. For people who do not have Web access, we offer suggestions to accommodate their needs.
  2. Health and Healthcare Performance Standards - The wellness and care management programs that are integrated with MedEncentive establish a set of performance standards that improve health and healthcare. Examples of performance standards include adherence to evidence-based medicine treatment guidelines, patient medical literacy, e-prescribing drug therapy, patient medication compliance, and health risk assessment follow-through.
  3. Doctor and Patient Rewards - All of MedEncentive’s products financially reward both patients and their doctors for declaring compliance to or demonstrating the completion of performance standards associated with wellness and care management programs.
  4. Doctor-Patient Mutual Accountability - There is a special relationship that exists between doctors and patients. We trust and respect our doctors who are trained and motivated to care for our health. As a result of this special relationship, patients don’t want their doctors to think they are medically illiterate or non-compliant. Conversely, doctors don’t want their patients to think they practice sub-standard care. In the process of participating in MedEncentive, doctors and patients are asked to declare or demonstrate adherence to performance standards, and then agree to confirm the other party’s declaration. This proprietary method of bilateral "declare and confirm" results in a level of doctor-patient "mutual accountability" that leads to better healthcare and improved health behaviors, which drives cost containment.
  5. Win-Win-Win - As a result of MedEncentive, the patient wins, the doctor wins and the employer/insurer wins.

To learn more about the growing family of MedEncentive products, please visit our "Product Tour" section.


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