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MedEncentive’s Partners Win

MedEncentive is the quintessential facilitator of health programs.

MedEncentive’s system of incentives is designed to attract doctors and patients to widely recognized medical interventions such as: evidence-based guidelines; medical information; e-prescribing; medication compliance programs; health risk assessments and other types of surveys; disease management; wellness and prevention programs; patient-center medical home; pre-certification; personal medical records; hospital care management; etc.

But doctor and patient recruitment to these interventions is just the first step. MedEncentive also rewards doctors and patients for engaging one another to adhere to the therapeutic benefits of these interventions. This makes MedEncentive the ideal facilitator of health programs. In other words, MedEncentive can bring live and vitality to these important programs.

MedEncentive’s ability to engage doctors and patients in our partners’ products helps them out-perform their competitors. Presented below are the logos of our current Preferred Partners. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Preferred Partner.

Medencentive Partners
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