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“We love it!”

Of all the stakeholders that benefit from MedEncentive, there is no doubt that the patient beneficiary is the biggest winner of all.

In effect, patients are financially rewarded by their employer or insurer through the MedEncentive programs for learning information that will help them improve their health and perhaps even save their lives. Patients are also paid for sharing their health progress and acquired knowledge with their doctors. In the process, patients gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing their doctor’s care is consistent with “best practices” as published by independent and highly credible sources.

MedEncentive is very easy for patients to use. All you need is Internet access. For those who do not have Internet access or have difficulty reading and understanding medical information, we make recommendations that have worked very well.

When beneficiaries learn about MedEncentive, they often say, “it almost seems too good to be true.” However, when patients use MedEncentive, they respond by saying, “we love it!” But don’t take our word for it. Read the unedited, voluntary responses we receive almost every day by visiting our Patient Testimonials section.

To learn more about how MedEncentive works and our growing family of programs, please visit the Approach, Overview, Product Tour, and FAQ's sections. If you are a covered beneficiary and are responding to a notification to participate, please click the User Login, link.

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