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"I strongly urge you to look into… MedEncentive.

Newt Gingrich
Former U.S. Speaker of the House
Founder, Center for Health Transformation

"I believe this program is creative, innovative and has enormous potential to improve health care delivery and outcomes while also reducing costs."

Tom Coburn, M.D.
U.S. Senator

"An elegant solution…"

Susan Dentzer
Health Affairs

"…a big idea…a simple yet elegant value proposition…it is a remarkable innovation"

Greg Main
Michigan Economic Development Corporation

"I believe the MedEncentive model should be one of the priority funding initiatives of health care reform. Your process and results are impressive, and I am a big fan."

Jim Giuffré
President and COO

"(MedEncentive) will be the cornerstone of the State Chamber’s Champion Program, which is designed to elevate Oklahoma to compete in a world economy…"

Dick Rush
Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce

"It is a really elegant idea that I predict will get lots of attention…these physicians (developers) need to be commended for not accepting the status quo, for not just complaining about the frustrations of our reimbursement system, and for creating a brand new, innovative approach.."

Stan Hupfeld
INTEGRIS Health System

"MedEncentive is like a magic trick. While the audience watches the financial incentives in the left hand, behaviors are being shaped by the psychological incentives in the right hand."

Michael L. Millenson
Health Quality Advisors
Highland Park, Illinois

"We are excited about adding the MedEncentive program as both a health benefit improvement for our employees and an effective health care cost containment tool. The MedEncentive program will assist in our efforts to attract and retain quality employees while helping us improve their health and well-being."

Gary L. Paxton
Former President and CEO
Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

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