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Designed for doctors by doctors and a practice manager

MedEncentive was founded by leading physicians (see Co-Founders) a medical practice expert who is also a process engineer (see Leadership). Their initial objective was to find ways to help doctors realize sustainable and predicable compensation. Our founders concluded that the best way to achieve this goal was to align doctors’ financial interests with the interests of patients and their health insurers.

The result is an amazingly simple system of incentives that financially rewards both doctors and their patients for incorporating evidence-based medicine. In the process, we learned that MedEncentive helps doctors use their influence to educate, empower and motivate patients to achieve and maintain better health. Better health leads to fewer hospitalizations and less expensive healthcare. As a result, employers and insurers are willing to compensate physicians well for their influential role and participation in MedEncentive.

The key benefits and features MedEncentive offers doctors are:

  • A lucrative source of new revenue.
  • A means to help patients become educated, empowered and healthier.
  • A web-based system that is fast, easy and flexible for doctors to use.

In addition, MedEncentive gives doctors the freedom to use their clinical judgment when it comes to treatment guidelines. No other value-based compensation method can do this.

To learn more about why a growing number of physicians are endorsing MedEncentive and how easy MedEncentive is to use, please visit Benefits for Physicians, Doctors’ FAQs, and Physician Testimonials sections.

If you would like to enroll in MedEncentive, it only takes a moment of your time through the Provider Enrollment module. If you are enrolled and want to use one of our programs, use the Physician Login link.

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